Vision Mission and Values

Winwood College aspires to be the excellent co-educational high school of choice through overall commitment to our ethos.


Winwood College will provide pupils with every opportunity to achieve the high internalised discipline and enhance all their personal potentials.

Winwood College aims to provide pupils with

  • The best possible educational facilities
  • Every opportunity to achieve the highest internalized discipline and enhance all their personal potentials in all areas of school life.
  • Education at a competitive price.
  • Having a realistic teacher / pupil ratio
  • Professionalism
  • Using as broad an academic, practical cultural and sporting curriculum as possible.
  • Maintaining traditional values in discipline and behaviour
  • Having an involved, committed and contributing parent body
  • Encouraging loyalty to Winwood, the family, the community and the nation.


Our Philosophy

Pupils should leave Winwood College with:

  • As broad an outlook on life as possible.
  • A positive self-image.
  • Skills and qualifications to cope with life after school.
  • The ability to contribute to the community
  • A selfless attitude
  • Assertive and able to express themselves

Core Values


We endeavour to instil the virtues of trust, loyalty, fairness, sincerity, uprightness and fairness as we pass on and share the knowledge gained collectively with our students


Adopting Kaizen practices where honesty and sincerity will be our signature in every step of the way.


We will strive to identify with people around us as the world evolves and collectively adapt to our changing environment and practice fairness and justice for the common good.


We will be accountable and acknowledge, assume responsibility of our actions, decisions and policies which govern our daily operations


We believe we accomplish more by earning respect & being relied upon by the community we serve.


We are dedicated to our cause of producing an all-round candidate who is ready to bring change to the society.


We will be careful and exercise caution and believe persistence, commitment and hardwork will bring the required results.


We are Humans first before we are Winwood College and this will be reflected in our operations.