Parents Association

The school is also proud of its Parents Association Committee. Parents selected to serve on the Committee have shown an overwhelming and keen interest to contribute with innovative ideas to see the vision and success of the school. We are optimistic with the parents we have on our Parents Association  that 2016 promises to be a successful year for Winwood College.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform shop (Thrift Shop) located within the college premises is a One-Stop-Shop for parents to find everything they need for there children, ranging from formal to sports wear.  Parents do not encounter the hassel to tranvel cross-country to find uniforms.  Its all catered for at Winwood Colleges’s Uniform Thrift Shop.

Tuckshop / Convenient Store

Students also enjoy the College’s Convenient shop (Tuckshop) that is fully stocked with all the essentials from Health drinks to snacks.


The School offers door to door transportation to Students within the Ruwa and surrounding areas and has a central pickup point in the CBD area for other students within Harare.

Other services we provide:-

  • Guidance and Counseling Department
  • Service Clubs
  • Sports
  • Open Days
  • Assist into University – linkups with Universities abroad
  • Leadership Camps / Motivational Speakers invited
  • Educational and Historical Trips ie Victoria Falls, Great Zimbabwe etc.
  • Parent /Guidance assistance to draw up Study Schedule at home